Familiarity and Surprise from Andrew Baldwin – Emeritus Professor & Art Collector

Andrew and I are close friends, a friendship that dates back to our early teens. He is based in the UK, has been a collector for many years, and has taken a keen interest in my work since my days at the Central St. Martins School of Art back in the mid 1970s.

“As a collector of RWAllen artworks, each new drawing brings both familiarity and surprise.

Familiarity with the excellent draftsmanship, the finely executed line, the consistency of the pattern elements, the quality of the carefully constructed composition and the combinations of the selected palette.

Familiarity with his theme of INITIMISM. A theme grounded in the work of two leading French Artists of the late 19th Century, which has been revisited and developed in a modern context.

Surprise at the skilful development of the composition, the new variations in line and colour, the uniqueness of his reductionist process, and finally surprise at the overall impact of the work that makes each drawing both recognisable and unique.”